Commonly Asked Questions 

       Escape The Falls


1. How do we book a room and how much does it cost?

All our bookings are made online for our GREAT FALLS, MONTANA location. You can book above by clicking the BOOK A ROOM tab, select the amount of people you want for your group, select the correct date/time for the Great Falls, Montana location and yes, you have to pay in advance as well. It is $25 per person.  Book only for the people you know will show (we will not refund 'maybes').  AND YES, YOU CAN ADD ADDITIONAL PEOPLE TO YOUR BOOKING.  JUST BRING THEM ALONG AND THEY WILL PAY WHEN THEY ARRIVE. 

2. Do I have to pay for everyone when I book? 

You can do one of two things, you can book just for yourself (minimum of two reservations required to book a room) and everyone else can pay when they arrive OR you can select the group size and pay for everyone at once and then your awesome friends/family can pay you back separately. (Each room requires a minimum of two people per booking) ***WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CANCELATIONS FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT SHOW*** 

3. Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund? 

No, we do not offer refunds, we will reschedule your date 1 time as long as it is called with a 8 hour notice, but we will not refund. 

4. Do you have a party room? 
We do have a party room that is available to rent. It is $40 per hour and you may bring in outside food and drink and decorate how you like. This also gives you exclusive access to the lobby games (foosball, shuffleboard, air hockey, etc.) during that time. Party room cannot be booked on line and must be booked by calling 406.285.8410.

5. Are the rooms scary? 

Some are and some aren't scary, it would be wise to read all the info about the rooms prior to booking. Our spooky room would not be as scary as a haunted house.

6. Are kids allowed?

Children under 1 are allowed in some sort of baby carrying device, children ages 1-5 are NOT allowed in our rooms, the rooms are NOT childproof, there are a lot of small pieces and when you are playing a room you are focused on the game. Kids ages 6-16 are allowed but an adult must be present in the room with them the entire time. Please do not ask if it is ok to bring your under six years of age child into the room - even if you swear you will hold / watch them the entire time and your kid is the best behaved kid ever.  This is an insurance requirement and children under six are not allowed in rooms.

7. Will I be grouped with people I do not know? 

All rooms are private. Once your booking is complete the room is unavailable for additional bookings at that time. If you have additional friends/family that want to join you, no problem!  Just bring them along and they can just pay when they arrive.

8. What is the minimum or max amount of people allowed? 

Each room is different, it can vary depending on the room, it tells you on the description of each room

9. Do I get help in the room?

You get a limited number of free clues/hints to be used during the games. 

10. What happens if I don't get out of the room? 

All the rooms are on a time limit, don't worry, if you do not beat the room we come in and let you out.

11. How often do you change rooms? 

It varies. It takes time to build a room so we open a new room about every 24 months, sometimes we open them faster. We post them on the rooms tab once they open, as well as on our FB page. Plus if you hit the book now button it will tell you what rooms are also available.

12. Our company would like to do some team building. Do we need to book this for Thursday/Friday?

For corporate groups and team-building we can on occasion open outside the normal business hours with advance notice. Minimum of 6 players needed to schedule outside of regular business hours.