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Commonly Asked Questions 

1. How do we book a room and how much does it cost?

All our bookings are made online, you can book above by clicking the RED BOOK NOW option, select the amount of people you want for your group, select the correct date/time, and yes you have to pay in advance as well. It is $20 per person.  We do work with non-profits on deals as long as it is not a booking during peak times.  

2. Do I have to pay for everyone when I book? 

You can do one of two things, you can book just for yourself and everyone else can do the same thing so you are only paying for yourself OR you can select the group size and pay for everyone at once and then your awesome friends/family can pay you back separately. ***WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CANCELATIONS FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT SHOW*** 

3. Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund? 

No, we do not offer refunds, we will reschedule your date 1 time as long as it is called with a 6 hour notice, but we will not refund. 

4. Are the rooms scary? 

Some are and some aren't scary, it would be wise to read all the info about the rooms prior to booking. 

5. Are kids allowed?

Children under 1 are allowed in some sort of baby carrying device, children ages 1-5 ARE NOT allowed in our rooms, the rooms ARE NOT childproof, there are a lot of small pieces and when you are playing a room you are focused on the game. Kids ages 6-16 are allowed but adults must be present in the room with them the entire time. Please be aware that if you do not book a room as 'private' (additional cost) that another group can add on to your reservation and that may include children.

6. Will I be grouped with people I do not know? 

There is a possibility. You are welcome to book the room as private event and that means it is only your group of people in the room up to the room max person limit. If you do not book as private then others are welcome to join you in the booking, that is a risk you take, however it is fun to play with others and meet new friends. Also if you book the room as a private event, that means you are booking the ENTIRE ROOM, which you do get charged for, so don't call us after the room asking why you where charged the full room amount when you only had 4-6 people...IF YOU CLICK PRIVATE EVENT TO BOOK A ROOM THEN YOU ARE BLOCKING/BOOKING THE MAX AMOUNT OF SPOTS AVAILABLE, regardless if you have less than that show up, YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED FOR ANY SPOTS. 

7. What is the minimum or max amount of people allowed? 

Each room is different, it can vary depending on the room, it tells you on the description of each room

8. Do I get help in the room?

You get a limited number of free clues/hints to be used during the games. However you can earn more clues in the rooms by making a donation into the donation jar that will be placed into each room. The money from the jar will be donated to a non-profit each quarter. This will be called CLUES FOR A CAUSE and we hope to be able to donate frequently to all the different agencies around town!

9. What happens if I don't get out of the room? 

All the rooms are on a time limit, don't worry, if you do not beat the room we come in and let you out.

10. How often do you change rooms? 

It varies, we have had 6 rooms so far rotating. It takes time to build a room so we open a new room about every 6-8 months, sometimes we open them faster, we post them on the rooms tab once they open, as well as on our FB page. Plus if you hit the book now button it will tell you what rooms are also available.

11. For corporate groups and team-building we can on occasion open outside the normal business hours. For rooms ran outside business hours the rate is per room, not per person. If a group wants to book all the rooms for the same time, a discount can be applied. Again, to operate a room outside normal hours the rate is a room rate, not a per person rate.