**We do require bookings be made in advance, we do not always have room for walk-ins, this also allows us to make sure we have the right Game Masters working, and helps eliminate any no-shows. If you are not comfortable paying online you are welcome to email or call us to pay in person or over the phone. Our rooms are public bookings (meaning if you do not have a big enough group to fill the room others may book with you if they choose, if you don't want a public booking then choose the private booking option). Kids ages 6-16 REQUIRE adult supervision in the rooms, anyone under the age of 5 is not allowed in the room. Also the rooms MUST be booked as a private event if kids are coming, since the rooms are public bookings another group playing the room may not enjoy being in a room with kids. Our rooms are designed more for adults, kids can get bored because they do not understand how to use locks or solve the puzzles. 

Cooper Cabin (A fun beginner room) 

There is a myth that the missing money that DB Cooper stole may be hidden in a cabin in the woods. You and a few friends decide to venture out to find this missing money, however as soon as you walk in the cabin you realize you are tapped. You have 60 minutes to locate the money and escape before you are caught. 

Difficulty Level: Easy 



You have been invited to a party at Peacock Manor. You have heard this party will be one to never forget. In order to get into the house for the party you have to complete a few tasks to make it inside the party room.However once you get into the party room you and the rest of the guests are trapped and must escape by finding 4 keys. Can you do it in 60 minutes? 

Difficulty level: Medium

ASYLUM (Fun and a little spooky at times, you never know what you may encounter in this room)

You woke up in an asylum holding room, you realized you and your team were drugged and locked in the room. You must make a fast escape out of the first room, and work your way trough the asylum to find the virus your team has been working on. You have 60 minutes to find and disperse the virus. Can you do it?  ​**YOU MAY ENCOUNTER LIVE CHARACTERS IN THIS ROOM DRESSED AS ZOMBIES***

Difficulty level: medium

LOST IN WONDERLAND (Riddles and puzzles to make your mind turn)

You have made your way down the rabbit hole and found yourself trapped and lost. In order to make it back out of Wonderland you must find the missing crown and scepter, place it back in the original location and make it back out of Wonderland in 60 minutes...otherwise you will be trapped forever...    

Difficulty Level: Hard